Each monthly competition will feature 3 sections.



1: Senior B&W

2: Senior Colour



1: Novice B&W

2: Novice Colour



1: Open Challenge in Colour or B&W (open to senior & novice members)


Competition Rules


The competition is restricted to fully paid club members.


Each member is only allowed to enter one image in each of the designated sections (except where multiple images are required, eg Panel Competition)

Under normal circumstances only members who are present at the monthly competitions may enter club competitions, in exceptional circumstances a member may submit images to one monthly competition per year in their absence. 


Competition entries, whether print or projected image, must be original photographs and must be the entrant’s own work.  


You can not vote for your own image.

Images used in previous club competitions are not eligible.

Printed images should be no larger than 12x8" & no smaller then 10x8". All prints must be mounted.

Vote sheets must be signed.

The club are not responsible for loss or damage to any work presented for competition.


The winning and runner up entries are calculated using the competition points system. 3 points for first place, 2 points for second place & 1

point for third place.

Metadata of all competition entries are to be made available to competition secretary
only if an issue should arise on competition entries.


In the event of any protest or disagreement regarding competition results the competition secretaries decision is final.